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        20-year production experience

        Product Cente


        YWY bearing production range 

        Rolling Bearing

        √ Eight series of rolling bearings, more than 8,000 varieties;

        √ The inner diameter of the bearing is greater than 40mm;

        √ Bearing outer diameter is less than 2000mm;

        √ Annual output of 200,000 sets of rolling bearing.

          Slewing Bearing

         √ 1.5~3.5MW wind power yaw pitch bearing

         √ Slewing ring bearings under 4 meters

         √ 3000 sets production capacity per year

        YWY is good at personalized service, customizing various non-standard bearings according to customers and working conditions.

        image.png   image.png

        YWY product structure and application industry and product type structure ratio

        YWY products are mainly used in heavy industry machinery such as metallurgical machinery, port machinery, marine engineering, transmission machinery, and mining cement.

        Eight types of bearings such as deep groove ball bearing, angular contact ball bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, tapered roller bearing, spherical roller bearing, thrust ball bearing, thrust roller bearing, split bearing, etc.

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