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        20-year production experience

        Cement Machinery

        YWY grinding machinery, cement machinery bearings

        ★Typical bearing types: spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, large-size ball bearings, tapered roller bearings;

        ★Using conditions: large environmental pollution, shock and vibration, dust pollution, heavy load;

        ★Using parts: roller press, vertical mill, powder separator, crusher, rotary kiln, coal mill, elevator, conveyor, reducer, blower and other working parts;

        ★Typical series and size range:

        Deep groove ball and angular contact bearings: d=200 ~ D=2000 mm

        Spherical roller bearings (SRB): CA, CAK type d=80 ~ D=1800 mm

        Cylindrical roller bearing (CRB): NU type d=80 ~ D=1800 mm

        Sealed four-row tapered roller bearings: TQOS type d=100 ~ D=1960 mm

        ★Performace: Shanghai Heavy Machinery, Hefei Cement Design Institute, Beijing Electric Power Equipment, Deyang Erzhong, Huaxin Cement Machinery, Lijun Industrial, etc.





        Application of YWY bearings in grinding machinery, cement machinery and other fields

        ★YWY provided long-life coal mill special bearings for coal mill in Shanghai Heavy Machinery Plant

        ★YWY provided special bearings for roller presses for Hefei Cement Institute

        ★YWY supplied the crusher of Shanghai Jianshe Road and Bridge Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. to replace imported and localized bearings

        ★YWY developed a wide range of bearings for long-life mills for Beijing Electric Power Equipment General Factory

        ★YWY developed special bearings for long-life vertical mills for Deyang Erzhong

        ★YWY special bearings for Huaxin Cement (Huangshi) Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are used in cement machinery

        ★YWY developed and exported special bearings for long-life roller presses to South Korea

        ★YWY supplied special bearings for grinding roller presses for Lijun Industry