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        20-year production experience

        Hot Rolling

        YWY's supporting performance for metallurgical hot rolling machinery

        ◆YWY provides roll bearings and thrust bearings for the 610, 480, and 380 rolling mills of the high-speed wire rod production line of the Minmetals YingKou Medium Plate CO,LTD

        ◆YWY provides wire and bar rolling mill bearings for Shaoguan Iron and Steel Rod 1, Rod 2, and Rod 3 branches

        ◆YWY is a long-term stable supplier of roll bearing for Shougang No. 1 wire rod 350, 450, 550 rolling mill

        ◆YWY has been supporting bearings for MCC CCID and MCC Credit Suisse for a long time, and has become the preferred supplier of bearings for wire rod and bar mill work rolls and backup rolls for their engineering projects.

        ◆YWY provides hot-rolled bearings for Changzhou Zhongtian Steel's 350/450/550 wire rod production line all year round




        YWY H-beam rolling mill equipment bearings

        ★Applicable equipment: all kinds of small, medium and large section steel rolling mills;

        ★Bearing installation positions: horizontal rolls, vertical rolls of rolling mills, section steel straighteners, roll neck positions of straightening rolls;

        ★Bearing structure: double-row (sealed) and four-row (sealed) tapered roller bearings; four-row cylindrical roller bearings;

        ★Typical series and size range:

        Double row tapered roller bearings: TDO, TDI type d=100~D=1960 mm

        Four-row tapered roller bearings: TQI type d=100 ~ D=1960 mm

        Four-row cylindrical roller bearings: FC, FCD, FCDP type

        d=100~D=1600 mm

        ★Application: H-beam rolling mills of iron and steel enterprises such as Laiwu Steel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, Rizhao Steel, Hebei Xinghua, etc.;




        YWY bearings are widely used in vertical rolls of H-beam mills

        Laiwu Steel—H-beam 46T504125GWP

        Rizhao Steel—H-beam M252348/HM252310CD

        Maanshan Iron and Steel — H-beam 332255/DB

        1600854778111495.png 1600854821183702.png