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        20-year production experience

        Continuous Casting

        YWY has provided support for continuous casting machine engineering projects

        ◆YWY provided a full set of sector for the 2150 and 2300 continuous casters of Baosteel Zhanjiang project, becoming the only domestic continuous casting machine bearing supplier

        ◆YWY provided special bearings for the sector of WISCO's second, third, and fourth steel slab continuous caster for a long time

        ◆YWY provided continuous casting roller bearings for the first localization of Angang Steel's 2150 continuous casting machine. The free end adopts CARB bearing and the middle adopts spherical split water cooling structure

        ◆YWY is the split water-cooled bearing provider for the fan-shaped section of the continuous caster of Laiwu Iron and Steel Plant

        ◆YWY matched bearings for the mould and sector section of the 1600 slab caster of Hebei Jingye Iron and Steel Group

        ◆YWY provided special new structure bearings for multi-section rolls for 1600 slab caster of Jiangxi Xinyu Iron and Steel

        ◆YWY developed the free end and fixed end bearings of the bending section support roll for Hunan Hualing Lianyuan Steel 1# continuous caster 1700

        ◆YWY supplied sector section and conveyor roller bearings for Guangzhou Lianzhong stainless steel flat billet 1580 continuous caster

        ◆YWY supplied sector bearings for the slab continuous caster of Handan Steel