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        20-year production experience

        Wind Power Generation

        Wind power: wind power generation or wind power. Belongs to renewable energy, clean energy. Wind power is an important form of wind energy utilization, wind energy is renewable, non polluting, energy, broad prospects for energy, and vigorously develop clean energy is the world's strategic choice. Wind power technology and equipment is an important part of the wind power industry, is the wind power industry development foundation and the safeguard, all the countries in the world have taken incentive measures to promote its wind power technology and equipment industry development, China's wind power equipment industry has made great achievements, Goldwind, Sinovel and a number of representatives of the international level of wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises is the force in the development of wind power in China, according to statistics at the end of 2010, China's wind power installed capacity ranks first in the world.

        Application part: wind turbine yaw and pitch system

        Application range: 750KW ~ 3.6MW wind turbine

        Structure: single and double row four-point contact ball slewing bearing

        Processing range: size: inner diameter 800mm ~ outer diameter 4000mm

        Tooth modulus: Maximum M30

        Tooth machining accuracy: level 7

        Mounting hole accuracy: less than 0.1mm

        Tapping diameter: Maximum M60

        Manufacturing capacity: 3000 sets/year