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        20-year production experience

        Iron Making&Steel Making

        YWY converter trunnion bearing

        ★Applicable equipment: 50~350 tons converter trunnion and tilting device

        ★Bearing installation location: fixed side and drive side of converter trunnion

        ★Bearing structure: integral double row spherical roller bearings,Split double row spherical roller bearings

        ★Typical series and size range:

        Integral spherical roller bearing: CA type d=400 ~ D=2000 mm

        Split spherical roller bearings: CAD type d=400 ~ D=2000 mm

        ★Achievements in use: Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Jinan Iron and Steel, Lingshan Iron and Steel, Dagang, Laiwu Iron and Steel, Rizhao, Xinyu and other enterprises, super large 350-ton converter trunnion bearing outer diameter: 1850mm Weight: 4539Kg, produced by Baosteel Zhanjiang It is also exported to Cornelis, UK.




        ◆YWY is supporting 239/1250CAF1/C3W33X, 240/850CADF1/C3W33X and other bearings for Angang Steel's converter trunnion

        ◆YWY Baosteel Zhanjiang 350T converter trunnion supporting 240/1320CAF1/C3W33X,240/1320CADF1/C3W33X and other bearings

        ◆YWY provides 249/1060CADF1/C3W33X bearings for WISCO converter trunnion

        ◆YWY manufactures trunnion matching split and integral bearings for 120T converter of Jinan Steel No. 3 Steelmaking Plant

        ◆YWY manufactures 240/850CAF1D/C4W33X, 239/710CAF1D/C4W33X and other bearings for Laiwu Steel 60T converter trunnion and tilting device

        ◆YWY manufactures trunnion bearings 230/950CAME5 and other bearings for the second steelmaking converter of Rizhao Steel

        ◆YWY developed 249/1060X1CADF3/C3W33X, 249/1060X1CAF3/C3W33X and other bearings for Xinyu Iron and Steel's 120T converter trunnion

        ◆YWY supplies converter trunnion 249/1180CAF3/C3W, 33X and other bearings for TATA CORUS Steel

        ◆YWY is the supporting bearing for Daye Special Steel 100T converter trunnion and tilting device

        ◆YWY changed the fixed-end integral trunnion bearing of Linggang 35-ton and 120-ton converter trunnion bearings to split bearings

        ◆YWY is supporting 230/750CAF1/W33X bearings for Lianyuan Steel’s 50T converter trunnion and tilting device

        ◆YWY is Shougang Shuicheng Iron and Steel 80T converter trunnion 26/900/C3W33XYA3 bearings