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        20-year production experience

        Development Plan

        YWY High-tech Park Construction

        YWY invests in the construction of a high-tech park in the Western Suburbs Industrial Park of Wafangdian. It adheres to the principle of high starting point, high level and high quality technological transformation, and adopts advanced, mature and reliable new processes, new technologies and new materials at home and abroad to build the most advanced precision bearing processing base in China It will be composed of the precision metallurgy bearing area, wind power turntable bearing area, offshore engineering equipment bearing area, new urban rail bearing area and other project areas. The project has been officially put into production in 2015.

        The project mainly includes:

        1. Precision metallurgy bearing area;

        2. Wind power and mechanical turntable bearing area;

        3. New urban rail bearing area;

        4. Technology R&D Center;

        5. Staff living service area etc.

        The total area of the new park: 

        177,000 square meters;

        Total construction area: 125,000 square meters;

        The production scale is expected to form the bearing production scale of 800,000 sets/year (800 million yuan)