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        20-year production experience

        Bearing Application

        YWY Main Bearing Products

        ▼Split and integral spherical roller bearing for big size converter trunning pin 

        ▼Spherical roller bearing, water-cooling split bearing, CARB and RUB bearing used in the segment of continuous casting machinery 

        ▼Double row, four row cylindrical roller bearing and tapered roller bearing for purpose of axial location used in working roll and back-up roll of all kinds of plates and bar stocks rolling mills 

        ▼Double row and four row tapered roller bearing and cylindrical roller bearing used in the plain barreled roll and vertical roll of big and small H shape steel rolling mills 

        ▼Sealed double row, four row tapered roller and cylindrical roller bearing, screw-down bearing, single row and double angular contact ball bearing used in the work roll of hot and cold rolling mills 

        ▼High precision multi-row cylindrical roller bearing used in the Sendzimir cluster mills 

        ▼Extra large high precision four row cylindrical roller bearing used in the back up roll of cold rolling mills 

        ▼Split roller bearing with housing used in all kinds of the cooling beds of steel rolling mill 

        ▼Sealed pulley bearing and marine lifting hook bearing used in all kinds of hoisting machinery 

        ▼3.5MW wind power and 5m slewing rings bearing 

        ▼Stainless steel pulley bearing, maritime stainless lifting hook bearing 

        ▼All kinds of cement roller presser, crusher and petroleum machinery bearing 

        ▼General rolling bearing with the OD<2200 

        ▼For the selection of bearings, please see YWY bearing selection manual and other YWY specialized bearing catalogue or consult YWY technicians.

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        YWY have been following the developing of the major equipment in port machinery in metallurgical industry, etc., researching together with the scientific research institutions and the facility enterprises, producing high reliability hot and rolling mill bearings, and large and extra large precision machinery bearings for metallurgical and other heavy industries. We apply high purity raw material, advanced processing techniques, just-in-time organization of production and precision CNC machines to guarantee the products of high quality and reliabilify. The high precision bearings developed by YWY have substituted the ever imported bearings used in rolling mills, metallurgical hot and cold rolling mills, tht- n slab tandem rolling mills, and also the split bearing with housing, water cooling split bearing for continuously casting machines, converter trunnion pin bearings, pulley and lifting hook bearings, large- tonnage converter bearings, 4m slewing rings, and extra large integral stainless steel maritime bearings which have filled in the domestic gap in such project. YWY has become a high-tech enterprise with stronger self-innovation ability, supplying bearings mainly matched to the major equipment and realizing domestic substitution for the ever imported bearings

        Relying on the construction of new production base (177000m2), YWY enlarges the production scale for the major equipment bearings and market share, intensify R&D of high precision, heavy loads, high reliability products, develop a scale of competitive high-tech products to serve the metallurgical and heavy industries, and establish national brand